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St. Stephen's Day in Andorra, known locally as "Sant Esteve", is celebrated annually on December 26th. This public holiday is an extension of the Christmas festivities and is marked by religious and family-oriented activities. The holiday honors Saint Stephen, the first Christian martyr, known for his faith and charitable deeds. Many people attend special masses and services in local churches to reflect on Stephen's legacy and offer prayers. This spiritual observance provides a moment of peace and reflection following the excitement of Christmas Day, helping to maintain a sense of community and unity.

Beyond religious services, St. Stephen's Day is also a time for families to come together and share meals in a relaxed, joyful atmosphere. Traditional dishes like "escudella i carn d’olla", a hearty meat and vegetable stew, and "turrón" (nougat) are prepared and enjoyed. Many Andorrans use this extra holiday to rest and spend quality time with loved ones, playing games, sharing stories, or simply enjoying the winter landscape. For many, it is also a day to visit friends or explore local Christmas markets and outdoor events that continue to bring cheer.

Andorra's beautiful Pyrenees landscape offers ample opportunities for St. Stephen's Day outdoor activities. Families and visitors often head to the slopes for skiing, snowboarding, or sledding while others enjoy winter hikes or scenic walks. Town squares remain lively with street vendors offering seasonal treats and warm drinks to ward off the cold. St. Stephen's Day blends spiritual reflection, family bonding, and joyful outdoor adventures, offering a perfect way to conclude the Christmas season with warmth and unity.

St. Stephen's Day Observances

Tuesday December 26 2023 St. Stephen's Day Public Holiday
Thursday December 26 2024 St. Stephen's Day Public Holiday
Friday December 26 2025 St. Stephen's Day Public Holiday

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