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Easter Monday in Andorra is a joyful continuation of the Easter celebrations, offering an opportunity for families to relax and enjoy the festive spirit together. Known as *Dilluns de Pasqua*, this public holiday often begins with families sharing a festive brunch or lunch that features traditional dishes like *mona de Pascua*, a sweet Easter cake decorated with chocolate eggs and colorful feathers. Outdoor activities, like hiking or exploring the mountain landscapes, are popular as many people take advantage of the warmer spring weather. Towns such as Andorra la Vella and Escaldes-Engordany host small festivals or local fairs where children can participate in egg hunts and games, creating a lively atmosphere for all ages.

Throughout Easter Monday, Andorrans cherish the opportunity to strengthen family bonds. Many visit friends or relatives to exchange greetings and share Easter treats. Churches hold special masses that emphasize the theme of renewal and resurrection, giving thanks for the blessings of springtime. Local markets often offer seasonal products and artisanal crafts, attracting both residents and tourists. Whether strolling through the picturesque mountain villages or simply spending quality time at home, Easter Monday in Andorra reflects the joy and togetherness that define the holiday season.

Easter Monday Observances

Monday April 10 2023 Easter Monday Public Holiday
Monday April 01 2024 Easter Monday Public Holiday
Monday April 21 2025 Easter Monday Public Holiday

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