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Epiphany in Andorra, celebrated on January 6th, is a meaningful Christian holiday that marks the arrival of the Three Wise Men to visit the newborn Jesus. Known as "El Dia de los Reyes Magos" or "Three Kings' Day," it brings joy and excitement to families across the country. The night before, on January 5th, Andorra's streets fill with children and their parents who eagerly await the arrival of the kings. Colorful parades called *Cabalgatas* feature the kings atop floats, showering children with candies and small gifts as they pass by. Traditional songs, dances, and light displays make these parades a vibrant, unforgettable experience.

On the morning of Epiphany, children wake up to find gifts left by the Three Kings, continuing the tradition of gift-giving. Families then gather for a festive breakfast or brunch, featuring the popular *roscón de reyes*, a sweet bread ring decorated with candied fruits and often hiding a small surprise inside. Whoever finds the hidden figure in their slice is crowned king or queen for the day. The day is also marked by religious services in local churches, where people offer prayers and blessings, reflecting on the symbolic journey of the Magi and its spiritual significance.

Many families spend Epiphany visiting relatives or enjoying winter activities in Andorra's beautiful landscapes. Some venture to the ski slopes to take advantage of the holiday, while others explore the local shops and markets for seasonal goods. Restaurants and cafes offer traditional meals and warming drinks to savor during this time. While Epiphany marks the official end of the Christmas season, it brings a sense of community, gratitude, and joy as people come together to celebrate and reflect on the past and future with renewed hope.

Epiphany Observances

Friday January 06 2023 Epiphany Public Holiday
Saturday January 06 2024 Epiphany Public Holiday
Monday January 06 2025 Epiphany Public Holiday

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