Flag of Andorra Labour Day in Andorra

Labour Day in Andorra, also known as *Dia del Treball*, is celebrated on May 1st, honoring workers' contributions and achievements. It's a public holiday where many businesses, offices, and schools close, giving people a chance to unwind and enjoy the day. The atmosphere is festive and often includes peaceful demonstrations, where trade unions and organizations advocate for workers' rights and improved conditions. People take to the streets carrying banners and listening to speeches promoting solidarity. In towns like Andorra la Vella and Escaldes-Engordany, cultural events and local fairs often complement these activities, offering artisanal products, food, and live entertainment.

Families and friends often spend Labour Day together, using the extra time to have a leisurely meal or explore the beautiful Pyrenees landscape. Hiking, picnicking, and other outdoor activities are popular choices for many Andorrans. Restaurants and cafes prepare special menus, encouraging people to gather and celebrate workers' spirit. The day serves as a reminder of the country's progress in workers' rights and emphasizes the importance of fair and equitable labor practices. Overall, Labour Day in Andorra combines festive gatherings and advocacy, making it a meaningful and enjoyable public holiday for everyone.

Labour Day Observances

Monday May 01 2023 Labour Day Public Holiday
Wednesday May 01 2024 Labour Day Public Holiday
Thursday May 01 2025 Labour Day Public Holiday

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