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National Day in Andorra, also known as "La Mare de Déu de Meritxell", is celebrated on September 8th each year. This day honors the Virgin of Meritxell, Andorra's patron saint, and brings together people from all parts of the country. The holiday has religious roots, celebrating the miracle of the Virgin's protection of Andorra, which is believed to have happened centuries ago. As a public holiday, National Day is marked by festive activities, religious observances, and cultural events that foster unity and national pride.

Religious Observances

One of the highlights of National Day is the pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Meritxell, a church that holds the revered statue of the Virgin of Meritxell. Every year, people gather there to offer prayers, give thanks, and ask for blessings. The church, rebuilt after a fire in 1972, remains a central place of devotion. A solemn mass is held, attended by government officials and the general public. This event reflects the deep cultural and spiritual connection the people of Andorra have with their patron saint.

Cultural Celebrations

Outside of the religious ceremonies, National Day is filled with festivities across the country. Traditional music and dance performances brighten the atmosphere, and parades showcase local customs and traditional costumes. Local markets sell handcrafted goods, food, and souvenirs, adding to the holiday's lively spirit. Many towns host street fairs, sports competitions, and exhibitions, drawing crowds and creating a sense of camaraderie. The celebrations extend into the night, often ending with spectacular fireworks that illuminate Andorra's scenic mountain landscape.

Family Gatherings

National Day is a special time for families to gather, as the public holiday provides an opportunity for people to come together and share their pride in Andorra's heritage. Many families prepare traditional dishes for a festive meal or enjoy picnics in the beautiful outdoors. Some also take this time to visit cultural landmarks or explore the picturesque landscapes of the Pyrenees. Through these simple acts of sharing and celebrating, National Day reinforces the unity and identity of the Andorran people while strengthening family bonds.

National Day Observances

Friday September 08 2023 National Day Public Holiday
Sunday September 08 2024 National Day Public Holiday
Monday September 08 2025 National Day Public Holiday

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