Flag of Netherlands Second Christmas Day (Tweede Kerstdag) in the Netherlands

Second Christmas Day, or Tweede Kerstdag, is a unique holiday celebrated in the Netherlands that extends the joy and festivities of Christmas for an additional day. Unlike many countries where Christmas festivities wrap up on December 25th, the Dutch enjoy a second day of celebration on December 26th. This day offers an opportunity for relaxation, spending time with family, and participating in various activities and traditions that highlight the Dutch approach to the holiday season.

Family Gatherings and Extended Celebrations

Second Christmas Day in the Netherlands is primarily a time for family and close friends. Many Dutch people use this day to visit relatives who they couldn't see on Christmas Day. It's common for families to host or attend a second Christmas dinner, often as lavish as the first, allowing them to enjoy the holiday spirit, share gifts, and indulge in delicious food and treats for a little longer. This extension of Christmas is a testament to the value the Dutch place on family ties and togetherness during the festive season.

Outdoor Activities and Nature

With the holiday season in full swing, Tweede Kerstdag is also a perfect time for outdoor activities. Many Dutch families take advantage of the typically crisp winter weather to go for walks, hikes, or bike rides in the countryside. Nature parks and public gardens are popular destinations, offering a serene and beautiful backdrop for family outings. These activities not only help to burn off the excesses of Christmas Day feasting but also provide a way to appreciate the natural beauty of the Netherlands in winter.

Boxing Day Sales and Shopping

For those who love shopping, Tweede Kerstdag marks the start of the Boxing Day sales in the Netherlands. It's a day when many stores offer significant discounts, making it one of the busiest shopping days of the year. People flock to shopping centers and high streets to take advantage of the sales, hunt for bargains, and perhaps exchange or return gifts. The bustling atmosphere in the shops contrasts with the tranquility of nature walks, showing the diverse ways the Dutch enjoy this holiday.

Cultural Events and Leisure

Besides family gatherings and shopping, Second Christmas Day is also an occasion for cultural and leisure activities. Museums, theaters, and cinemas often remain open, offering special programs, exhibitions, or festive films that cater to the holiday spirit. These cultural outings provide a wonderful opportunity for those looking to soak up some art, history, or entertainment during the extended Christmas holiday.

Tweede Kerstdag in the Netherlands embodies the spirit of Christmas in a uniquely Dutch way, blending family traditions, outdoor activities, shopping sprees, and cultural outings. This second day of Christmas allows everyone to slow down and savor the festive season a bit longer, making it a cherished part of the Dutch holiday calendar. Whether spent in the warmth of home, amidst nature, or enjoying the vibrant public spaces, Second Christmas Day adds depth and joy to the holiday experience in the Netherlands.

Second Christmas Day (Tweede Kerstdag) Observances

Tuesday December 26 2023 Second Christmas Day (Tweede Kerstdag) Public Holiday
Thursday December 26 2024 Second Christmas Day (Tweede Kerstdag) Public Holiday
Friday December 26 2025 Second Christmas Day (Tweede Kerstdag) Public Holiday
Saturday December 26 2026 Second Christmas Day (Tweede Kerstdag) Public Holiday
Sunday December 26 2027 Second Christmas Day (Tweede Kerstdag) Public Holiday

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