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Easter Monday
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Easter Monday in the Netherlands is a continuation of the Easter holiday, offering a day filled with relaxation, family activities, and unique Dutch traditions. Unlike the solemn observance of Good Friday and the joyful celebrations of Easter Sunday, Easter Monday provides a perfect balance between relaxation and festivity. It is a public holiday in the Netherlands, allowing everyone to take a break from work and school to enjoy the spring season and engage in various activities and traditions unique to Dutch culture.

Family Outings and Activities

Easter Monday is an ideal time for Dutch families to enjoy the outdoors and participate in leisure activities. Many take advantage of the long weekend to go on short trips or visit attractions that are especially popular during this time of year. Parks, zoos, and museums are common destinations, offering special Easter events and activities for children and adults alike. It's a day for families to spend quality time together, enjoying the beauty of spring and the company of loved ones.

Traditional Easter Fires

In some parts of the Netherlands, particularly in the eastern regions, the tradition of Easter fires (Paasvuren) is still very much alive. These large bonfires, lit on Easter Sunday evening or on Easter Monday, symbolize the welcoming of spring and the light after darkness. Communities gather around these fires to celebrate, socialize, and enjoy the warmth. The tradition of Easter fires is an ancient one, with roots in pagan spring rituals, and continues to be a significant event in Dutch Easter celebrations.

Visiting Open-Air Markets

Easter Monday is also a popular day for visiting open-air markets, which pop up in many towns and cities across the Netherlands. These markets offer a variety of goods, from food and flowers to antiques and crafts. It's a great opportunity for locals and visitors to shop for unique items, enjoy street food, and experience the vibrant market atmosphere. The bustling open-air markets provide a lively setting for enjoying the holiday and the onset of warmer weather.

The Role of Nature and Spring Celebrations

The celebration of Easter Monday in the Netherlands is closely tied to the appreciation of nature and the arrival of spring. Many Dutch people take the day to engage in outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, or simply strolling through the countryside to witness the blooming landscapes. The country's famous tulip fields and gardens, such as Keukenhof, are particularly popular during this season, drawing visitors from near and far to marvel at the spectacular displays of flowers.

Easter Monday in the Netherlands embodies the spirit of spring, family, and community. It's a day that balances the joy of Easter with the calm and relaxation of a public holiday. Whether through traditional fires, family outings, market visits, or simply enjoying nature, the Dutch have a unique and enjoyable way of extending the Easter celebrations. Easter Monday not only marks the end of the Easter weekend but also celebrates the renewal and warmth of the spring season.

Easter Monday Observances

Monday April 10 2023 Easter Monday Public Holiday
Monday April 01 2024 Easter Monday Public Holiday
Monday April 21 2025 Easter Monday Public Holiday
Monday April 06 2026 Easter Monday Public Holiday
Monday March 29 2027 Easter Monday Public Holiday

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