New Year's Day in Angola

New Year's Day in Angola, celebrated on January 1st, is a vibrant holiday that welcomes the start of a new year with joy and optimism. Across Angola, this day is marked by a spirit of renewal and celebration. After the lively festivities of New Year's Eve, which often include fireworks and street parties, New Year's Day is a time for relaxation and family gatherings. People across the country come together to share traditional meals, often featuring Angolan delicacies, and to reflect on the year past and the future ahead. In cities like Luanda, the holiday atmosphere is palpable with continued festivities, music, and dance. New Year's Day in Angola is not just a celebration of the calendar change, but a time of unity, hope, and looking forward to new beginnings.

New Year's Day Observances

Sunday January 01 2023 New Year's Day Public Holiday
Monday January 01 2024 New Year's Day Public Holiday

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