Labour Day in Angola

Labour Day in Angola, celebrated on May 1st, is an important public holiday recognizing the contributions and rights of workers. Known globally as International Workers' Day, this day in Angola reflects the nation's commitment to the welfare and rights of its workforce. It's a day that underscores the importance of labor in the development and prosperity of the country.

Labour Day is marked by various events and activities across Angola, including marches, rallies, and gatherings organized by labor unions and workers' groups. These events provide a platform for addressing labor issues, advocating for workers' rights, and highlighting the significance of fair employment practices. While Labour Day has its roots in political and social activism, it's also a day for community and familial bonding, with many people enjoying the day off to relax and spend time with family and friends, reflecting on the balance between work and personal life.

Labour Day Observances

Monday May 01 2023 Labour Day Public Holiday
Wednesday May 01 2024 Labour Day Public Holiday

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