Public Holidays in Venezuela

Venezuela, a country known for its rich cultural diversity and natural beauty, celebrates a myriad of public holidays throughout the year. These holidays offer a fascinating glimpse into the nation's history, traditions, and the enduring spirit of its people.

New Year's Day (Año Nuevo) - January 1st

The year begins with fireworks, music, and gatherings of friends and family. Many Venezuelans also take part in the tradition of wearing yellow underwear for good luck.

Carnival (Carnaval) - Date Varies

Carnival in Venezuela is a vibrant and colorful celebration featuring parades, music, dancing, and elaborate costumes. The city of El Callao is particularly famous for its lively festivities.

Holy Week (Semana Santa) - Date Varies

A deeply religious observance, Holy Week is marked by processions, reenactments of the Passion of Christ, and church services. Many Venezuelans attend Mass and spend time with loved ones.

Independence Day (Día de la Independencia) - July 5th

One of the most significant holidays in Venezuela, Independence Day commemorates the country's freedom from Spanish colonial rule. Festivities include patriotic parades, fireworks, and cultural events.

Simón Bolívar's Birthday (Día del Natalicio de Simón Bolívar) - July 24th

This holiday honors the birth of Simón Bolívar, the national hero who played a crucial role in Venezuela's fight for independence. It is a day of reflection on the nation's history and values.

Feast of Our Lady of Coromoto (Día de la Virgen de Coromoto) - September 8th

Venezuela's patron saint, Our Lady of Coromoto, is celebrated with religious processions and Masses. Pilgrims travel to the town of Guanare to pay their respects to the Virgin.

Indigenous Resistance Day (Día de la Resistencia Indígena) - October 12th

Formerly known as Columbus Day, this holiday commemorates the indigenous peoples' resistance to colonization. It is a day to recognize and honor the contributions of Venezuela's indigenous communities.

Christmas (Navidad) - December 25th

Christmas in Venezuela is a festive and family-oriented celebration. It includes traditional customs such as the lighting of fireworks, "aguinaldos" (Christmas carols), and the construction of elaborate nativity scenes.

New Year's Eve (Nochevieja) - December 31st

The year concludes with lively parties, fireworks, and the tradition of eating 12 grapes at midnight for good luck in the coming year.

Venezuela's public holidays reflect the nation's deep-rooted traditions, cultural diversity, and historical significance. Whether you're captivated by the colorful extravagance of Carnival or the solemnity of Holy Week, each holiday provides a unique opportunity to experience the warmth and spirit of Venezuela's people. So, plan your visit to Venezuela to coincide with these celebrations and immerse yourself in the country's rich cultural heritage.

Upcoming Holidays (next six months)

Christmas Eve December 24 Sunday Public Holiday
Christmas Day December 25 Monday Public Holiday
New Year's Eve December 31 Sunday Public Holiday
New Year's Day January 01 Monday Public Holiday
Carnival Monday February 12 Monday Public Holiday
Carnival Tuesday February 13 Tuesday Public Holiday
Maundy Thursday March 28 Thursday Public Holiday
Good Friday March 29 Friday Public Holiday
Declaration of Independence April 19 Friday Public Holiday
Labor Day May 01 Wednesday Public Holiday

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