Public Holidays in Tunisia

Tunisia, located in North Africa, is a nation rich in history and cultural diversity. Its public holidays are a reflection of this heritage, each with its unique significance and traditions.

These public holidays in Tunisia offer a glimpse into the nation's history, religious diversity, and commitment to cultural preservation. They serve as occasions for Tunisians to come together, celebrate their shared identity, and showcase their vibrant traditions to the world.

Upcoming Holidays (next six months)

Revolution and Youth Day December 17 Sunday Public Holiday
New Year's Day January 01 Monday Public Holiday
Independence Day March 20 Wednesday Public Holiday
Martyrs' Day April 09 Tuesday Public Holiday
Eid al-Fitr April 10 Wednesday Public Holiday
Eid al-Fitr Holiday April 11 Thursday Public Holiday
Eid al-Fitr Holiday April 12 Friday Public Holiday
Labour Day May 01 Wednesday Public Holiday

Holidays by year

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