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Epiphany, also known as Three Kings' Day, is a significant and joyous celebration in Spain, marked every year on January 6th. This festivity commemorates the biblical story of the three wise men who followed a star to Bethlehem to present gifts to the newborn Jesus. In Spain, Epiphany is celebrated with much enthusiasm and various traditions that highlight the country's rich cultural heritage.

The Night of the Three Kings

On the eve of Epiphany, January 5th, cities and towns across Spain come alive with colorful parades known as "Cabalgata de Reyes." These processions feature floats from which the Three Kings, Melchor, Gaspar, and Baltasar, throw sweets and small gifts to the children lining the streets. The parades are a spectacular sight, with elaborately decorated floats and participants dressed in vibrant costumes, bringing the story of the Magi to life.

Gift-Giving Traditions

Gift-giving is a central part of the Epiphany celebration in Spain. Children write letters to the Three Kings rather than Santa Claus, asking for gifts. It is traditional for the gifts to be opened on the morning of January 6th, symbolizing the gifts brought by the wise men to Jesus. Families spend the day together, enjoying the presents and sharing a special day filled with joy and excitement.

Epiphany Feast

No celebration in Spain is complete without a feast, and Epiphany is no exception. The highlight of the Epiphany feast is the "Roscon de Reyes," a sweet, ring-shaped cake decorated with candied fruits to resemble the jewels of a crown. Hidden inside the cake is a surprise, often a figurine or a bean. Whoever finds the figurine is said to have good luck for the year, while the finder of the bean is expected to buy the Roscon the next year.

In essence, Epiphany in Spain is a blend of religious significance, festive traditions, and family gatherings. The elaborate parades, the exchange of gifts, and the special feast make it one of the most cherished celebrations in the Spanish calendar, showcasing the country's culture and spirit of community. It's a time when magic fills the air, and the story of the Three Kings comes to life, leaving lasting memories for both residents and visitors alike.

Epiphany Observances

Friday January 06 2023 Epiphany Public Holiday
Saturday January 06 2024 Epiphany Public Holiday
Monday January 06 2025 Epiphany Public Holiday
Tuesday January 06 2026 Epiphany Public Holiday

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