Flag of Madagascar Easter Sunday in Madagascar

Easter Sunday in Madagascar, celebrated as the resurrection of Jesus Christ, is one of the most important Christian holidays. The day begins with special church services across the country, where worshippers gather to pray, sing hymns, and listen to sermons that reflect on the significance of Christ’s resurrection. Churches are often decorated with flowers and candles, creating a joyous and reverent atmosphere. After the services, families come together for festive meals, enjoying traditional Malagasy dishes such as "romazava" (meat stew) and "ravitoto" (cassava leaves with pork). The day is filled with joy, gratitude, and a sense of renewal as people celebrate this sacred event.

In addition to religious observances, Easter Sunday in Madagascar is marked by various cultural and community activities. Many families take the opportunity to spend time outdoors, visiting parks and beaches for picnics and relaxation. Children participate in Easter egg hunts and games, adding to the festive spirit of the day. Public spaces are often bustling with music, dance, and cultural performances, showcasing the rich traditions and vibrant spirit of the Malagasy people. Easter Sunday is a time of unity, celebration, and reflection, bringing communities together to honor their faith and enjoy the company of loved ones.

Easter Sunday Observances

Sunday April 09 2023 Easter Sunday Public Holiday
Sunday March 31 2024 Easter Sunday Public Holiday
Sunday April 20 2025 Easter Sunday Public Holiday

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