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The Day of Arafah, observed on the 9th day of the Islamic month of Dhu al-Hijjah, is a significant religious event in Libya. This sacred day occurs during the annual Hajj pilgrimage and holds great importance for Muslims worldwide. In Libya, the Day of Arafah is marked by fasting, prayer, and reflection. Many Libyans fast from dawn until sunset, seeking to purify their souls and draw closer to Allah. Special prayers and sermons are held in mosques, focusing on the themes of forgiveness, mercy, and spiritual growth. The Day of Arafah is seen as an opportunity for Libyans to renew their faith and seek divine blessings.

In addition to fasting and prayer, the Day of Arafah in Libya is a time for communal support and charity. People often gather to share meals and provide food and assistance to those in need. Families come together to pray and reflect on the significance of the day, emphasizing the values of compassion and unity. Educational programs in schools and community centers help to teach the younger generation about the importance of the Day of Arafah and its place in the Islamic calendar. These activities foster a sense of community and reinforce the spiritual and moral teachings of Islam. Overall, the Day of Arafah in Libya is a deeply spiritual occasion, marked by devotion, reflection, and acts of kindness.

Day of Arafah Observances

Tuesday June 27 2023 Day of Arafah Public Holiday
Sunday June 16 2024 Day of Arafah Public Holiday
Friday June 06 2025 Day of Arafah Public Holiday

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