Public Holidays in Laos

Laos, known as the "Land of a Million Elephants," is a country rich in culture and tradition. Its calendar is adorned with a colorful array of public holidays, each offering a glimpse into the nation's heritage. Here are some of Laos' unique celebrations:

Laos' public holidays offer an opportunity to immerse oneself in the country's diverse traditions, from water fights during Pi Mai Lao to the serene almsgiving ceremonies at dawn. These celebrations showcase the resilience and rich cultural tapestry of the Lao people, making them an integral part of the nation's identity.

Upcoming Holidays (next six months)

National Day December 02 Saturday Public Holiday
National Day Holiday December 04 Monday Public Holiday
International New Year's Day January 01 Monday Public Holiday
International Women's Day March 08 Friday Public Holiday
Lao New Year (Pi Mai Lao) April 13 Saturday Public Holiday
Lao New Year (Pi Mai Lao) Holiday April 14 Sunday Public Holiday
Lao New Year (Pi Mai Lao) Holiday April 15 Monday Public Holiday
International Labour Day May 01 Wednesday Public Holiday

Holidays by year

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