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Easter Monday in Jamaica is a joyful holiday celebrated with family gatherings, traditional foods, and outdoor activities. The day follows Easter Sunday and is a time for relaxation and enjoyment. Many Jamaicans take advantage of the long weekend to spend time with loved ones, often organizing picnics and beach outings. Popular spots like Hellshire Beach and Fort Clarence Beach are filled with families enjoying the warm weather, swimming, and playing games. Traditional Jamaican dishes such as fried fish and bammy, along with sweet treats like bun and cheese, are enjoyed during these festive gatherings, making the day a delicious celebration of togetherness.

In addition to family activities, Easter Monday in Jamaica is also marked by various cultural events and community celebrations. Many towns and cities host concerts, fairs, and sporting events, providing entertainment for all ages. One of the highlights is the Kite Festival, where people of all ages gather to fly colorful kites, a tradition that symbolizes freedom and joy. Churches may also hold special services, continuing the Easter celebrations with hymns and prayers. Overall, Easter Monday in Jamaica is a day filled with fun, food, and family, reflecting the island's vibrant culture and strong sense of community.

Easter Monday Observances

Monday April 10 2023 Easter Monday Public Holiday
Monday April 01 2024 Easter Monday Public Holiday
Monday April 21 2025 Easter Monday Public Holiday

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