Public Holidays in Iran

Iran, a land of ancient history and rich cultural traditions, celebrates a myriad of public holidays that reflect its deep-rooted heritage, religious significance, and national pride. Here are some of Iran's most important and cherished public holidays.

Nowruz - Persian New Year

Nowruz, which marks the first day of spring and the beginning of the Persian New Year, is one of Iran's most significant holidays. Families come together to set up the "Haft-Seen" table with symbolic items, exchange gifts, and enjoy traditional foods.

Islamic Holidays

Iran observes Islamic holidays such as Eid al-Fitr (celebrating the end of Ramadan) and Eid al-Adha (the Festival of Sacrifice) with special prayers, communal gatherings, and acts of charity.


Ashura is a solemn day of mourning that commemorates the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, a revered figure in Shia Islam. Processions, rituals, and recitations of elegies are held to remember this significant event.

Sizdah Bedar

Sizdah Bedar, also known as Nature Day, is observed on the 13th day of Nowruz. Iranians spend the day outdoors, enjoying picnics and nature to ward off bad luck.

Revolution Day

Revolution Day on February 11th marks the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Celebrations include rallies, speeches, and cultural events.

National Army Day

National Army Day on April 18th honors the country's armed forces with military parades and exhibitions.

Mawlid al-Nabi

Iranians celebrate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad with prayers, religious gatherings, and cultural events.

Oil Nationalization Day

Oil Nationalization Day on March 20th commemorates the nationalization of Iran's oil industry in 1951.

Cyrus the Great Day

Cyrus the Great Day, observed on October 29th, celebrates the ancient Persian king's achievements and commitment to human rights.

Student Day

Student Day on December 7th commemorates the 1953 killing of students during a protest against the visit of then-U.S. Vice President Richard Nixon.

These public holidays in Iran provide a window into the nation's deep spirituality, historical significance, and cultural diversity. Whether participating in the jubilance of Nowruz, the reverence of Ashura, or the patriotism of Revolution Day, Iran's holidays showcase its multifaceted identity and unwavering commitment to its traditions. Visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Iran's rich heritage, witness its enduring resilience, and celebrate its vibrant blend of history, religion, and culture.

Upcoming Holidays (next six months)

Martyrdom of Hazrat Fatima December 17 Sunday Public Holiday
Birthday of Imam Ali and Father's Day January 25 Thursday Public Holiday
The Prophet's Ascension February 08 Thursday Public Holiday
Revolution Day February 11 Sunday Public Holiday
Imam Mahdi's birthday February 25 Sunday Public Holiday
Oil Nationalization Day March 20 Wednesday Public Holiday
Nowruz (Persian New Year) March 20 Wednesday Public Holiday
Nowruz (Persian New Year) Holiday March 21 Thursday Public Holiday
Nowruz (Persian New Year) Holiday March 22 Friday Public Holiday
Nowruz (Persian New Year) Holiday March 23 Saturday Public Holiday
Islamic Republic Day March 31 Sunday Public Holiday
Martyrdom of Imam Ali April 01 Monday Public Holiday
Nature Day (Sizdah Bedar) April 01 Monday Public Holiday
Eid ul-Fitr April 10 Wednesday Public Holiday
Eid ul-Fitr Holiday April 11 Thursday Public Holiday
Martyrdom of Imam Sadeq May 04 Saturday Public Holiday

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