Public Holidays in Honduras

Honduras, located in Central America, celebrates a range of public holidays throughout the year, reflecting its cultural, historical, and religious diversity. Here are some of the major public holidays observed in Honduras:

In addition to these national holidays, Honduras also observes regional and local holidays, which can vary depending on the specific region or municipality. Additionally, some holidays are based on the Catholic calendar, such as Holy Week (Semana Santa) and Corpus Christi, and are marked with religious processions and ceremonies.

These public holidays provide opportunities for Hondurans to come together, celebrate their culture and history, and enjoy time with family and friends. The festivities often feature traditional music, dance, and cuisine, making them colorful and vibrant occasions throughout the year.

Upcoming Holidays (next six months)

Christmas Day December 25 Monday Public Holiday
New Year's Day January 01 Monday Public Holiday
Holy Thursday March 28 Thursday Public Holiday
Good Friday March 29 Friday Public Holiday
Holy Saturday March 30 Saturday Public Holiday
Day of the Americas April 14 Sunday Public Holiday
International Workers' Day May 01 Wednesday Public Holiday

Holidays by year

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