Public Holidays in Burundi

Burundi, a small landlocked nation in East Africa, is known for its diverse cultural tapestry and vibrant traditions. The country's public holidays reflect its history, heritage, and the values that hold its people together.

New Year's Day (January 1st)

Burundians kick off the year with New Year's celebrations marked by gatherings, feasts, and cultural activities. It's a time to reflect on the past year and look forward to new opportunities.

Unity Day (February 5th)

Unity Day is a significant holiday in Burundi, emphasizing national unity and reconciliation after years of ethnic conflict. Communities come together to promote peace, solidarity, and a shared Burundian identity.

Labour Day (May 1st)

Like many countries, Burundi observes Labour Day as a tribute to the contributions of workers. It's a day for honoring their dedication and advocating for workers' rights.

Ascension Day (Forty Days After Easter)

Ascension Day, a Christian holiday, commemorates Jesus Christ's ascension into heaven. In Burundi, it's marked with church services and processions.

Independence Day (July 1st)

Burundi celebrates its independence from Belgian colonial rule in 1962 on this day. The occasion is marked by parades, cultural displays, and patriotic fervor.

Assumption of Mary (August 15th)

Burundian Catholics observe the Assumption of Mary, a significant religious holiday. It's a day for attending church services and reflecting on the role of Mary in the Christian faith.

All Saints' Day (November 1st)

All Saints' Day is a Christian holiday when Burundian Catholics honor saints, known and unknown. Families visit cemeteries to remember their deceased loved ones.

Christmas (December 25th)

Christmas is celebrated with religious services, nativity scenes, and festive gatherings. Families exchange gifts and share special meals, spreading joy and goodwill.

National Heroes' Day (February 1st)

National Heroes' Day pays tribute to Burundi's historical figures who contributed to the nation's progress and development. It's a time to remember their legacies.

Ntaryamira Day (April 6th)

Ntaryamira Day commemorates the tragic death of Burundi's President Cyprien Ntaryamira in a plane crash in 1994. It's a day of reflection on the nation's history.

These public holidays in Burundi are more than just days off; they serve as opportunities for Burundians to come together, celebrate their shared identity, and cherish their cultural heritage. They highlight the values of unity, peace, and reconciliation that are central to the nation's progress and harmony.

Upcoming Holidays (next six months)

Assumption Day August 15 Thursday Public Holiday
Prince Louis Rwagasore Day October 13 Sunday Public Holiday
Prince Louis Rwagasore Day Holiday October 14 Monday Public Holiday
President Ndadaye's Day October 21 Monday Public Holiday
All Saints Day November 01 Friday Public Holiday
Christmas Day December 25 Wednesday Public Holiday
New Year's Day January 01 Wednesday Public Holiday

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